Asset Details
Asset RefNo.: ABC009286
Tran RefNo.: LBC1234474e84994848HGBVJ
Obligor Name: Bank XYZ
Obligor Country: Singapore
Underlying Instrument: Letter of Credit Confirmation
Currency: USD
Amount: 1,000,000.00
Selldown Amount: 25000.00
Asset RefNo.: ABC009286
Maturity/Expiry Date: 31-09-2019
Documents: QmaUiqS879cQ3MU3Tq8TiwksTyqhkjFj51vwSn39ciM1Kx  
Seller's Retention: 0 %
Applicant/Importer: FGH Motors
Original Tenor: 360 days
Note on Tenor/ Expiry/ Maturity: expiry beyond tenor
Type of sale: Funded
Goods: Cars
Beneficiary/ Exporter: MNO Corporation
Transaction Status: Booked
Port of Loading: Dubai
Port of Discharge: Osaka
Sale Price: 12 % PA
Disclouser Status: Undisclosed