Frequently Asked Questions


USDT Market

No. Pair Min Amount Unit Minimum Price Unit Minimum Order Value Unit

Overview of Fee Structure on ALPHAEX

Fee for Deposit Free
Fee for Withdrawal Varies for different coin, Refer to table of fees
Fee for Trading 0.1%

Trading Fees

Trading fees are set at 0.1%

Withdrawal/Deposit Fees

At ALPHAEX, there are no fees for the deposit of coins/tokens.

The withdrawal fees and minimum withdrawal amount varies for different coins/tokens.

The withdrawal fees are subjected to adjustments in accordance with blockchain conditions.

Table of Fees:

Coin/Token Withdrawal Fee Minimum Withdrawal Deposit Fee

Deposit & Withdrawal

  1. Login to ALPHAEX
  2. Click on Wallet Tab
  3. Click on withdrawal
  4. Copy the deposit address where you want to withdraw to
  5. Input the deposit address to withdraw to on ALPHAEX
  6. Check the status of the transaction

ALPHAEX will automatically start the withdrawal process when you click on the confirmation button. Due to the nature of the blockchain, we are unable to locate your funds and there is no way to stop the withdrawal process once it has been confirmed.

If you have sent the funds wrongly, please try other means to locate and retrieve your funds from the recipient.

The steps to deposit coins/tokens to a ALPHAEX is as follows:

  1. Login to ALPHAEX
  2. Click on Wallet Tab
  3. Click on Deposit
  4. Copy the address to deposit to
  5. Paste the address in the withdrawal field of the other wallet
  6. Check the status of the transaction

If you have deposited the wrong coins to ALPHAEX, we generally do not conduct coin/token recovery service. If you have suffered significant losses as a result of incorrectly deposited coins/tokens, ALPHAEX might at our own discretion assist you in the recovering of coin/tokens. However, the process is extremely complex and would incur significant cost, time and risk.

Transactions on the blockchain will take a varying amount of time to be confirmed and posted to the designated point. With different blockchains requiring different amounts of confirmations before a transaction is verified.

To ensure that the email was sent correctly.

Please verify the email address and make sure that it is correct.

Check spam folder in your email account to search for the email.

It is recommended to use Gmail or Outlook.

Account Access

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The ID verification process will take approximately 15mins and please ensure that you do not refresh the browser at any time during the application process.

You may attempt 3 ID verifications process within a day. If your application is denied you have to wait 24 hours from the last attempt in order to try again.

To ensure a smooth and quick ID verification process, it is advisable to have the documents that meet the required conditions as stated below.

  1. Photo must be in PNG or JPEG format
  2. Photos must be of high-resolution and clear enough to display all information visibly
  3. Photos and documents must not be edited or manipulated
  4. Make sure photos are in colour
  5. All documents presented and submitted must be originals
  6. The ID used must be valid, expired ID will not be acceptable
  7. Your Face must be clearly visible
  8. The note presented must have the words "ALPHAEX" and the exact date clearly stated.

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There are malicious emails designed to steal funds from your personal wallet. At no point should you give out your private keys and phrases.

ALPHAEX will never ask you for your private keys or phrases.

There maybe sites attempting to pass off as ALPHAEX. Individuals maybe attacked by phishing websites via search engines, referral links, browser plugins, extensions, third parties or invalid apps. Make sure the Spelling and URL is correct before entering your login details.

Below is an illustration of what the Login site and URL should resemble:

Our telegram channel is used for discussions only. While we have an admin, we do not provide customer support over telegram. If you are facing an issue, please contact (Example) on our official website.

ALPHAEX will not ask you to send money or coin/tokens to any address for whatever reason. A person claiming to be with ALPHAEX and requesting such actions raises red flags.

Report these users to our administrator.

Scammers might use twitter to ask for deposits to certain addresses in exchange for gifts. ALPHAEX will never ask you for deposits to any address.

  1. Do not give out your password
  2. Do not call any number claiming to be from ALPHAEX
  3. Do not send money or coins/tokens to anyone claiming to be from ALPHAEX
  4. Enable Google 2 Factor Authentication
  5. Double check the URL of the ALPHAEX address


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You can send us an email at (example) or leave a message in the chat box and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Alternatively, you can visit our Data Bank at (Example) to preview the commonly asked questions and answers there.